Friday, April 2, 2010

KFOR Leo 2 A5

An older build, this is Revells Leopard 2 A5 and one of my first builds after returning to the hobby. While nowhere near the quality of Tamiyas offering, it's a great beginners build.
It was also my first build where all the weathering was done via paint. No pigments were used at all. The camo net was made using some gauze from a first aid kit sprinkled with dried herbs.



  1. Interesting subject, Jurgen. Did the build challenge you in any way, or was it straight forward? Were references easier to find than Panzers, or was it something that you had OOB (i.e. did the kit supply adequate colour plates & history etc)?


  2. Hi Bill.
    Had a few issues with the rear stowage compartments on this one. When joining the upper and lower hull together the stowage hatches fit into a cutout section on the upper hull. The fit was terrirble and no amount of filler could make it look good. I therefore stippled on filler on to represent mud over the gaps. Other than that, she was pretty much an OOB build.
    No colour plates with this one either. The instruction have the camo schemes illustrated in black and white shading.
    I'll definitely do one of these vehicles again, but this time I might go for the Tamiya one.


  3. I drive the original during my time in the army. you have a really realistic model.

  4. Thank you. That means alot coming from someone who was around the original vehicle.