Sunday, March 13, 2011

1:48 Afrika Tiger

Hi all.
Here's my latest completed build. Built purely OOB, this is Tamiya's brilliant 1:48 scale Tiger I.
An absolute dream to build. It literally went together over a weekend.

The fun part of this project was the painting and weathering.
After the base coat, I used the modulation technique to give the paint some life.

Fading was done using oils and followed by some washes and filters.
I used Mig Pigments to add the dust but kept it to a minimum, trying to preserve as much of the paint work effects as possible.

All in all, had a load of fun with this one.
For anyone interested in a complete SBS of the painting and weathering process, you can find it here: Tiger Painting Blog

Thanks for loooking.
Jurgen :)