Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Current WIP - Knocked out King Tiger

Hi all.
Here's another WIP that I've got on the bench at the moment.
Using Dragons Premium King Tiger (Porsche Turret), I've made a couple alterations and am going for a knocked out vehicle.
Here she is before the paintshop:

And now through various stages of painting.
Pre-shaded burnt areas:

Base coat:

The camo:

Finally followed by colours depicting the burnt out sections:

When done, this was treated with a darkish wash to highlight the panel lines and zimmerit.

I'll now put this aside to dry properly before continuing with the weathering process.

Thanks for stopping past and looking :)


Friday, January 14, 2011

Stuart Tractor complete!

Here's the finished build.
The base was completed with a couple strips of balsa wood painted and weathered to look like faded old wood. Hope you all like it.

Further pics and a detailed step by step of the entire project can be found here:
Stuart Tractor conversion.

Thanks for looking.