Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stuart Farm Tractor update

I've continued work on the Stuart Tractor. The darker rust shades have been added followed by a little faded green. This was all done using the salt technique. I've also started adding/making some of the little details.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Stuart Farm Tractor

One of my current projects, this M3A1 Stuart is being converted to a farm tractor.
The build is based on photos of a vehicle on a farm in Western Australia.

A bit of scratch building and chopping has been done.

The interior section painted and dusted up.

The 2 hull halves joined and primed.

The base colour for the rust. Darker rust colours and tones still to come.

For the detailed step by step blog so far, click the link below:

Stuart Tractor BLOG


Friday, April 2, 2010

Wegmann King Tiger - March 1945

Here's probably my favourite build to date. It's Dragons late model King Tiger with late pattern tracks modified to represent a March 1945 King Tiger from the Wegmann plant. The kit was enhanced with metal tracks and photo etched details.
More photos can be found here:
Late KT


CHAR B1 bis

Another one of my older builds and right up there in my top 3 of favourites is Tamiyas CHAR B1 bis. The kit was an absolute dream to build and so much fun to paint and weather. I used many new painting and weathering techniques for the very first time, which just added to the satisfaction.

This was done as a full step by step blog during construction, painting and weathering.
For those interested in seeing this, I've attached the link below.
CHAR de Bataille build feature


KFOR Leo 2 A5

An older build, this is Revells Leopard 2 A5 and one of my first builds after returning to the hobby. While nowhere near the quality of Tamiyas offering, it's a great beginners build.
It was also my first build where all the weathering was done via paint. No pigments were used at all. The camo net was made using some gauze from a first aid kit sprinkled with dried herbs.