Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vk.45.02 Tiger   - WIP
Something I starting working on a while back....

A great release by Dragon that literally flies together. This is a purely OOB build, with a little 'cast' texturing added using Mr Surfacer.
Base colours applied. Again, I'm using Tamiya paints for the main paintwork.
As you can see, the turret has be treated using the modulation technique.

After treating the turret with some Hair Spray, added some camo that I faded/weathered.

The hull received the same sort of treatment.

Exhaust and surrounding area we then detailed.

From there I started to work on the weathering.
Wheels and Tracks were then painted up. I've stuck with the kit supplied vinyl tracks. I also added some oil and grime stains using LifeColor paints
...and this is where things have been standing for the last couple of months. Just need to add the final touches.

Hopefully a final update sooner rather than later....



  1. It´s excellet! congratulations!!!

    regard from Argentina

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  3. Hi Jurgen,that red oxide primer looks great,can you tell me what colours and brand paint you used
    cheers mark.

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